Conscious Parenting

Both parents and kids can transform their lives and their relationship by neutralizing stressful situations, changing behaviors, acquiring empowering beliefs, enhancing communication and any skill. They can literally work on anything stopping them from thriving individually and within their family relations.


PSYCH-K® works beautifully with parents as well as kids, creating new empowering beliefs that support what they want to see in their new reality.

For kids it can support their education and learning, get rid of phobias, enhance their sports and artistic abilities, support their emotional well-being, change their eating habits, create a secure attachment and much more.

For parents, PSYCH-K® helps create new beliefs that support their lives in general and the way they deal with their kids. While raising our kids, we all fall into the same pattern of anger, yelling, threatening and maybe physical aggressiveness sometimes! There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all human, and the challenges we face, only we know about: an unfulfilled relationship with our partner, a dysregulated nervous system, insecure attachment, exhaustion, unmet needs, lots of sacrifices, full time jobs, and on top of it all a limiting belief system.

I will offer you a safe space to talk, express, release and discover new empowering beliefs, equipping you with tools that will help you build a peaceful, connected, fulfilling and joyful relationship with your children and loved ones.

The 7-Week program

The program on its own will offer you a new theme to tackle every week with workbooks, audios, videos,tools and practices, and a lot of useful information. An optional weekly coaching or PSYCH-K® session is also offered if you want to go beyond the learning material itself.

As a conscious parent you will acquire:

  1. New empowering beliefs with PSYCH-K® which will support your conscious actions.
  2. How to pause and observe your thinking & understand your anger when faced with a conflict.
  3. How to replace control with connection and empathy.
  4. Understanding how your nervous system plays a major role in your parenting and how to regulate it.
  5. How to move from an ownership parenting mindset to a partnership mindset.
  6. How to remain calm & control your reactions when your child triggers you.
  7. How to raise your and your child’s emotional intelligence to develop a solid relationship and deal with conflict mindfully.
  8. How to honor your feelings and needs so you acquire a calmer approach to conflict.
  9. How to move from a victim mindset to a creator of your life.

"No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again".