Meet Joelle

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Hi! My name is Joelle. A passionate soul who is in constant awe of the glorious unfolding of life.

What has fulfilled me since a very young age, was connecting with people and listening to their challenges with compassion and empathy, trying to help them the best possible way.

Since 2012, I embarked on a beautiful journey of self-realization and self-healing, making peace with who I thought I was and discovering a new layer of myself every day. Along the way, I’ve learned and practiced various healing modalities by being a certified Reiki Master, a Ho'oponopono practitioner, a Yoga Nidra facilitator, a Relationships counsellor and a Consciousness guide.

As a Certified Conscious Parent Coach, I dove deeper into the Nervous System Science and Regulation, Brain Science, Attachment Theory, Childhood trauma, Re-parenting the self and more. Since the work was parent centric, I’ve assisted countless parents on a beautiful transformational journey, changing lives and turning parenting into the fun fulfilling conscious experience it’s meant to be.

Through the work I’ve done on myself and with others, I understood the power that limiting beliefs have over our life. The belief system quickly turned into a passion, because I knew that healthy empowering beliefs meant a healthy empowered life and destiny.

That’s how PSYCH-K® found me and I truly trust this process that facilitates change at deep levels quickly and efficiently, bringing science and ancient wisdom together, to assist people re-write their destinies and create the life they desire.