Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! PSYCH-K® works beautifully with kids especially that it involves more “doing” then “saying”. The child should be able to follow simple steps and understand what is needed.
Every session will tackle a goal, maximum two if the time allows it. You can always come back for another session to work on a different goal or area of your life where you want to experience change.
After the PSYCH-K® session you will experience a relaxed and calm state of being, and an ability to see things differently when it comes to the situation you came to tackle. Sometimes balancing a new belief can open up new perspectives and bring in additional insights to the same challenging situation. This is where a new goal will come in to tackle new subconscious challenges that will benefit the subconscious mind and reflect in your reality as a result.
Most of the way we parent comes from limiting beliefs that we have created about ourselves and the world around us. Replacing the self-limiting beliefs you hold since childhood with self-enhancing beliefs, will tremendously help you raise your children in a more conscious connected way.
A PSYCH-K® session is typically 90 minutes for the first session and 1 hour to 75 minutes from the second session onwards. During these sessions, we will discuss the challenge you are here to tackle and create a goal together, do the balance for it and then put the action plan that supports it.
PSYCH-K® sessions happen both in person or online. You can choose what works best for you.